Fighting Mongooses have a long and varied history. Formed in early 2007 on Emerald Dream (PVE) with the intention of being a social guild with some retro raiding, we accidentally progressed into being a social guild with some retro raiding and quite a lot of current raiding but mostly silly guild parties and too much attachment to our fishing rods. We developed an excellent reputation on our realm for our family-friendly atmosphere, and still managed to down the occasional boss on release week. Absorbing smaller guilds, groups of friends and even whole families without tension or drama, we didnít stay a tiny guild for long.

When our original guild leader (hint: thatís me) had to step down, the guild went strong for a while. Sadly, over the last year or so a willing guild leader became more difficult to find and the membership began to dwindle. With no intention of letting the worldís best guild tabard be retired, a loyal member took the GL role and quietly awaited further developments.

Well, further developments have now developed, and weíre back baby!

Our vision for WoD

Recruit some fresh faces while keeping our laid back close-knit atmosphere. Run dungeons and bgs together for funtimes, progress into casual raids when possible. Level up our fishing, gain many achievements, overuse the /cower emote. Attract people of all levels, ages and abilities, and treat them as equally valued guildies.

What we want

  • Mature people who nevertheless really love to hit each other with fishing rods (in-game, what you do irl is your own business).
  • People who have an interest in raiding casually. Note: CASUALLY.
  • Social types who just love to chat and make friends.
  • People who will represent our guild well in public chat and groups.
  • Rerollers or newbies, youíre all welcome and we will offer all the help we can. This is a fresh start for us, too!
  • Someone willing to run BWL endlessly with Dom so I donít have to.
  • Bonus points if you know where the guild name is from and it made you giggle.

What we donít want

  • People who rage, complain about the game, and generally put others down in groups. This is a multiplayer game, get over yourself.
  • Elitists. See above, but with special emphasis on those who believe ilvl = importance or only people with 5000000 HKs should be allowed into arena.
  • People who would mock their guildies for levelling up fishing before levelling their character.
  • Anyone who uses txt spk. Have some self-respect!

How to apply

If you think you might fit in with our vision, talk to one of our lovely leader types! Mains are in bold, commonly-played alts also listed for stalking purposes:

  • Holyshell
  • Aelwythe
  • Izabella
  • Lucylastic
  • Bohemia
  • Priscila
  • Violentbill
  • Nobbers
  • Dentorm
  • Kittens